Month: November 2023

3D Printing Services

November 2023 – SkinnerSigns is proud to announce the public availability our 3D printing services. Since about 2019, we’ve used 3D printing internally to create parts when and where needed, and through this experience we’ve developed the equipment, techniques and skills to a level where we feel confident in providing this service to the public.

We can print a wide variety of materials ranging from PLA, TPU, PA, PC, and carbon reinforced filaments. We’ve provided services to hobbyists and industry looking for small run jobs. We serve the Ottawa area but are happy to ship world-wide.

These jobs have included:

  1. Drone/UAV parts,
  2. tripod adapters,
  3. signs, sign holders,
  4. printed 3D topographical maps,
  5. hooks,
  6. brackets
  7. replacement automotive parts
  8. tools holders, organizers, (Milwaukee tool and battery holders for the shop etc.)

Cost will vary based on the duration of the print runs, material type/quantity and how much pre and post processing of the model and parts require.

We have 3D scanning capabilities in-house for small object and access to industrial 3D scanners for larger, more precise modelling requirements.

Call us at 613-777-5969 today or email to get started.